The Year Korea Kicked In: A Reflection on Korean Beauty

Today I bring you a quite different post.
Since I finally got into Korean beauty, I’ve been thinking a lot about the cosmetics and beauty industry and how it is perceived and used in society differently in the western and eastern cultures. So I wanted to share a few thoughts on it in this post, which is more on the reflection side than in the practical side.

Anyway, fear not, because I have an article about the Versace Fall 18 Fashion Show and a Sephora Haul coming soon for those of you who like a little more action!

And now let’s get into the subject.


In a world and society dominated by media and social interactions, everything has been accelerated and made fit for consumption till the point that human beings are being literally objectified as one more product to keep the wheel of capitalism turning.

Beauty, in what we know as the first world, has left their complicated and rigid beauty standards to become directly one more packaging made of plastic that is sold to us through all our senses in everyday life, and we have to take and wear if we want to be a part of that fabulous and dazzling constellation that is the system. While minorities and collectives are fighting more than ever for the acceptance of every culture, appearance, mental disposition, sexual preference, nationality, identity and everything else, the media is responding in an way as extreme as they could have fought back. Humans, and therefore beauty, is no longer a product of nature but of the human race itself, and like always, those who have the money also have the power.

What I mean by all this is that cosmetics procedures, surgeries and looking all the same is ‘trending’ (kind of wishing that turning humans into dolls could never be a trend) more than ever. Surgery has always been there and has always been kind of addictive to those who submitted themselves to it, but now, the fever is as high as ever and we all know what the goal of every average woman (that fits into the profile of beauty standards victim and has the money to become one) is: to look as plasticky as they can till it no longer even feels right or healthy.
For me, I must say that it is really disheartening to see interesting (and not interesting) women reach the fame (or wanting to reach it) just to start filling their lips and faces just to make makeup look better.
Makeup is no longer used to enhance features, but features are ‘enhanced’ (or say better destroyed) to glorify makeup. High cheekbones to make that highlighter pop, lips filled like a balloon so liquid lipsticks appear smooth as they can, pointy noses to match those highlighted cheekbones, high and pointy eyebrows that are later filled and fixed, and spacious eyelids to show off those cut creased looks that advertise eye shadow palettes more than a billboard.

You may think it sounds too harsh but it’s just how reality is, though it is sad.

In the middle of all this western capitalist madness, I realized that Korean beauty has become such a kind and ‘viral’ trend to follow for one reason: it takes people back to thinking that their natural beauty should be treasured and taken care of instead of erasing it to implement a new one in place of the one they were born with.


Korean beauty has that ritualistic nature that soothes our souls while also being part of the consumerism industry (it would be naive not to think so). What I mean is that this kind of industry is the nicer side of a coin that we are bored to try to resemble.

Faces and features are not used in Korean beauty to make the most of products, but on the other hand, products are used to preserve and take care of those, surely also in a highly addictive way that will also imply its own risks and that probably will end in cosmetic procedures too, but at least the philosophy is different. And I think that it has have such a tremendous success precisely because we are tired of the stress and the pressure of western trends. It is an industry too, of course, but one that changes the game we have been playing for so long.

Korean Beauty takes back that traditional feature of beauty where it was a ritual one followed to feel and look better. While in western beauty standards the individual no longer matters and three hours of hair, makeup and choosing outfits leave you feeling equally or more empty than before, Korean beauty uses that calmness that we are so desperate for to build their way to success. And if I have to choose, as many people have thought too, I prefer to give my time and my money to an industry that at least take the time to make it look (or to really do) like they care about the health and well being of each person.
What I mean is, if they make it look that way that well, I highly prefer it to what western industry is expecting from me.

Just in case there is some people that haven’t taken a look into what the Korean beauty madness is about, it is all about looking healthy, young, and preserving that health and youth as much as you can. The main concern is not makeup (though of course there is a use of it) but skin care, and self care in general since that ritual side of beauty is highly exploited in it. And it is a good exploitation, I mean, in beauty industry you are always going to find strict standards that are not really looking after your well being but after their benefits, but if I have to choose between the philosophy of glorifying makeup and silicone and fake nails and wigs and fake lashes and fake everything, and the one of spending more and more time taking care of myself in an endless routine of skin care products, I will surely choose the second one.


Industries are never kind, but I think that the success of Korean beauty in the western society as well, is based on that people have finally found a trend in which they feel good about themselves and where they can finally rest of trying to look completely different that themselves. An endless skin care routine at least allows you to take that time for yourself and think and enjoy the moment freely, without worrying about the end result, because it is probably going to be going to bed and have a good night sleep, not having to worry about looking perfectly fake for whatever hours you have to face social interactions as it is in the western world.

I think that this is mainly what I wanted to share, though I could sure go on writing about it for much longer, but my conclusion is:
Korean beauty and Asian beauty trends in general have succeeded so much, and I foresee an even greater success, in the western society because they are an escape from the beauty standards of the western industry that we are so tired to try to fit it. They are a change. They allow us time to breathe and reconnect with ourselves. And sure they are an industry too, and as it is happening already, one that western society will swallow and turn into a money making machine for their own benefit too, but at least their philosophy was different. At least, allow me to think even if it’s too innocent an idea, they intentions were good. And probably nothing is going to make me think that the intentions behind lip fillers were good too.

And that’s why this past year, it finally kicked in for me too, probably because it was also the time that even I needed to escape, and I finally gave into the Korean beauty trend because, opposite of what we are accustomed to, it felt right.

I hope this served both as a reflection and as an introduction for the Korean beauty posts to come from this point on, and, also I hope, for a greater concern in general about self care.

For a New Year when we matter more than what is meant to embellish us.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic and Mists Review

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Hello lovelies!

Today we are going to talk about one of my most recent discoveries: Pixi Beauty. This English  brand has been making a place for itself in my life lately and I had to share its amazingness with you.
That’s why today, I bring you a review about the Pixi Beauty star product, the Glow Tonic, as well as a review of each one of their three mists, the Hydrating Milky Mist, the Make-up Fixating Mist and the Glow Mist.

Pixi Beauty - DEATHLESS VOGUE (10)

We’re going to cover the four products and know a little more about them and this amazing brand which has instantly become one of my favorites and most used ones!

Pixi Beauty

As I did before trying out their products, you all probably already know the brand. Social media, magazines, press, Youtube – Pixi Beauty has taken over the cosmetics world lately and at an amazing speed. Not that it was a new brand (it was created in 1999), but their success has skyrocketed in these last years and it has become a cult brand that you can see about everywhere if you are a beauty or makeup enthusiast.

But maybe what you don’t know is that, besides their photogenic and elegant packaging and their success among the media, it is a great brand, with awesome values and amazing quality products.

Natural and Efficient Products

The brand, as I have mentioned, was created and presented in 1999 by their founder Petra Strand, in their emblematic boutique in London’s Soho, and since then it has gathered faithful followers all over the world thanks to the purity of their products, that awaken and take care of your skin needs.

Petra Strand, a skin care enthusiast herself,  wanted to create a brand for women on the go who want to take care of their skin in an efficient and natural way, maximizing the benefits of their products ingredients and taking advantage of really innovating formulas with all-natural extracts. This brand’s products are simple to use and as said before, totally efficient. You can take your skin care routine to the next level with them, experiencing the real effectiveness of the best of nature, directly brought to you in the form of an exceptional brand with a great passion for beauty, nature, and meeting their costumers needs.

After seeing their products everywhere, I was finally able to try them, and after a while using them, my love for them grew so greatly that I decided I needed to write a review about them.

And here they are!

Pixi Beauty - DEATHLESS VOGUE (14)

In Pixi we believe in everything simple, elegant and easy and we put all our efforts in inspiring others with out products.
Each one of our products is developed with botanic ingredients that pamper skin, chosen for its efficiency and quality.
The main compromise of Pixi consists in offering efficient products that provide proven benefits to the skin through the election of efficient ingredients of natural origins.
Cruelty Free
In Pixi we don’t test our products in animals and we don’t allow others to do it in our behalf.
“For all the busy women that just want to look and feel awesome!”
-Petra Strand, Founder

Glow Tonic

Get the famous Pixi glow! This cult tonic is a best seller and a must for many women. It accelerates slightly cellular regeneration, revealing a brighter and more luminous skin Skin becomes softer, clearer and with a more even tone.

Pixi Beauty - DEATHLESS VOGUE (9)

This tonic is their most iconic product and not without a reason.
It is not like your regular tonic that you only use to clean up and refresh after your face wash. This one has an incredible treating power, so I would better classify it as a treatment in tonic form, like an essence. First thing you need to know, it has a 5% of Glycolic acid.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is a very powerful ingredient that you can find in many cosmetic products. It has a great capability of penetrating in the skin and acts as a chemical peel, promoting the renovation of the skin, and therefore helping with uneven skin tone, marks, dullness, pores, and practically every skin issue since it encourages the skin to renovate itself and appear younger and more radiant.
Aside from acting as a chemical peel, it also acts as an exfoliating product, so you can use it with a cotton pad and actually feel its exfoliating power, getting rid of any dirtiness and dead cells that were sitting still on top of your skin after your cleansing routine.

How I Use It

I use this beauty in two ways mainly.

Daily Routine

As an usual way as a part of my daily routine, I apply this with a cotton in circular movements, as a final step for my cleansing routine. Since it is kind of exfoliating, it has a great power of removing any dirt or makeup left by your cleansing products. It feels really powerful on the skin, and when I have finished applying it with the textured side of the cotton pad, I apply some more on the other side and apply it lightly patting my skin to leave kind of a finishing layer that will sit on top on my skin till it is absorbed.
This process takes the best of the product as you can use it both to finish your cleansing and to take advantage of all the properties when applying it a second time to let the glycolic acid work its wonders for longer.

Seven Layers Method

I still have to do an article on my recent enthusiasm on Korean beauty brands and methods, but I’ll mention this one here first because I think the Glow Tonic is a great option for this method. The seven layers method consists in layering your tonic, patting and letting your skin absorb it between the layer. Obviously for this method you have to use a tonic that has great benefits for your skin and that doesn’t irritate it. If your skin is too sensitive this tonic may not be a great option for you to layer seven times, but my skin is sensitive too and I’ve found a way of implementing this method that suits perfectly my skin. I’ll explain it now, but remember that you can always adapt methods and techniques to fit the need of your type of skin.

What I do is only do this method at night and only after a double cleanse method, because oils in the oil cleanser are going to prep your skin and hydrate it and nourish it preventing any type of irritation. Also, the idea of only using this method at night is letting your skin absorb all the goodness in the product you use, prevent it from sun damage and also be able to use more deeply nourishing products afterwards that are going to calm your skin after this method, despite of the strength of the glycolic acid.

I layer the Glow Tonic about five times maximum, and then I continue with my night routine, which usually ends with an oil to seal all the properties and hydration. This last step makes my skin super soft and happy, and I swear it doesn’t get upset with the tonic. And I can tell you that my skin is a pretty sensitive one.

Anyhow, I’ll explain more about this method and its benefits when I talk about Korean beauty soon here. I just wanted to mention it in the Glow Tonic review because it is my to-go product for this method.

Hydrating Milky Mist

An incredibly hydrating mist that deposits an invisible coat of calming treatment over the skin, making this the ultimate treatment for dry skin.

Pixi Beauty - DEATHLESS VOGUE (5)

This mist is my most used one from the Pixi Beauty set I received.

Also as a part of my Korean beauty research, I found that it is advisable to use a hydrating mist as soon as you finish cleansing your skin and before you use your tonic or essence. That’s because as soon as you pat your face dry, it starts losing moisture, and you want to keep as much as you can on your skin using a hydrating mist to create a protective layer that seals the properties of water on top of it.

I mainly use this mist for that purpose, but I also use it when I run late in the mornings and after I’ve cleanse my skin I don’t have a lot of time to apply all my moisturizing creams. In those cases I spray some of this beauty over my face and then apply sunscreen (remember to always follow this step in the mornings!) and I’m good to go.

I really like the ingredients of this mist and I can say I use it daily. Totally a must for keeping your skin naturally hydrated and protected.

Makeup Fixing Mist

Prolong your makeup duration and prevent it from smudging, melting or accumulating in the expression lines or pores.

Pixi Beauty - DEATHLESS VOGUE (6)

This is maybe the one that I have used the least but not because I don’t love it but because I don’t wear makeup daily, and if I do it is for a short period of time like an event or a photoshoot, so I don’t want to waste this product in fixing a makeup that I’m going to take off an hour later.

Anyway I have tried it a couple of times and it works great. I usually used it combined with the glow mist, fixing first and then adding the glow, to achieve a perfectly natural, dewy and fixed look. It contains rose water and green tea which are two ingredients that I tend to use and love a lot, and it also work wonders in making your foundation look flawless and help it stay in place for as long as you need.

I haven’t actually tried doing this with this particular mist but I can tell you that it will also work great if you want to use it to refresh your makeup during the day, because I’ve used other fixing sprays to do it and this one is definitely a delight that you could use in that way as well.

Glow Mist

Enriched with thirteen natural oils, propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts, the Glow Mist fixes makeup, adds a dewy finish and protects skin.

Pixi Beauty - DEATHLESS VOGUE (2)

Finally, we have this Glow Mist, a fantastic product that I haven’t seen so frequently in other brands. This mist contains argan oil that you can actually see sitting on top of the mist on the bottle, and that you have to shake up well before applying it so it is perfectly mixed. It smells amazingly and it gives you a really natural, healthy looking glow, more than the fake shimmer effect that other glow products tend to give.

You can see that it is actually helping your skin stay hydrated, nourished and protected, and that the glow it gives your is more of like a treatment one than a makeup one. What I mean is that is not the type of product that you feel the need to wash off at the end of the day, but more of one that is part of your skin care routine and that is making more good than bad for your complexion and skin health.

When I use it on top of makeup (anyway a natural makeup, which is also my to go look when I actually use makeup), I apply it after my fixing spray, and if I’m not going to wear any makeup, I use it right after my sunscreen. though I have to do some research in this aspect because the oils in it may affect in some way the properties on the sunscreen. If this turns out to be so, I would advise to use your hydrating spray, skin care products, then the Glow Mist and finally the sunscreen.
Well beauties, this have been my review of my first experiences with Pixi Beauty, which as you can already tell, have been amazing. This is a brand that I know I’ll grow to love even more and that I’ll definitely keep using and implementing it more and more in my makeup and skin care routine.

I can’t wait to try more products from this wonderful brand, that I totally recommend, and reviewing them for you!

Again, I remind you, you can use this link to get a 5£ off discount from your first Pixi Beauty order!

Hope you can enjoy the discount and tell me everything about your experiences with Pixi Beauty products if you try them.

Lots of love and see you soon!

Luminance Routine: A Spring Rebirth for your Skin!

Now that spring is here and everything is about light and nature, I always find it time to renew our skin care routine and give our skin a proper rebirth!

As we talked about in the last article, the glow is the trend for 2018. If you want to achieve it from within instead of faking it with make-up, keep reading!

Usually for me, spring is time to clear up the skin tone and bring brightness to our faces. The winter is finally out, flowers start blooming and sun starts shining. Summer is on the horizon and everything is about living and shining. Normally skin problems can cause dull skin and uneven skin tone, specially if you have a skin that tends to scar or redden easily after breakouts or your skin is dull and tired. Skin can be stressed too by factors like pollution, sleep and real stresses, that reflect on our skin giving it a general ‘worn’ appearance that takes away our natural glow.

There are lots of skin care products out there specifically formules to get rid of imperfections and uneven skin tone and that promise a brighter and younger look.

Today I’ve decides to share with you my particular selection of them: the ones I’ve incorporated to my skin care routine!


I concentrate all my efforts into an anti-spot routine that works both on preventing and treating dark areas or scars on my skin as well as a moisturizing and renewing it deeply. I generally combine the action of scrubs and deep daily cleansers with lightening treatments and a good SPF cream. I’m always drawn to those type of cosmetics, but this spring my routine is one that deserves to be shared. I’ve curated some of the products after years of testing and loving them and others are just recent purchases that I totally fell in love with.

All in all, if you need inspiration to find your perfect radiant glow routine, here you have my favorites for this purpose!

The Routine


Luminance routine on my Instagram @deathlessvogue

•Rare earth deep pore daily cleanser from Kiehl’s.

First I start my routine with this awesome cleanser. This is a re purchase so I could say it falls under the category of favorite. I hardly ever repeat with a cleanser, except the ones from Lush, but that’s another topic! It really gently but deeply exfoliates and leaves your skin ready to take in any treatment and absorb its properties and benefits to the fullest.

It contains different types of clay that help your skin clear out and stay balanced and looking rested and full of energy. You can feel your skin breathing and it leaves you with a matte but not flat finish that have you feeling fresh and awaken. I use this at least once a day, sometimes both in my morning and night routine. If you want my opinion, it’s perfect for the shower!

•Concentrated brightening essence from Caudalie.

This is a recent discovery and I can’t be more in love with it! It is a brightening essence that you can use after the cleansing step and before your creams. Think of it as a tonic meets serum product. Its texture is just like water and it feels amazing on the skin. It helps reducing spots, marks and dullness, bringing a new appearance to your skin, boosting the radiance effect of the rest of your routine! It also evens out the skin tone and promotes a healthy glow.

This is the first product from Caudalie that I incorporate to my routine but I have tried others and they are definitely a recommendation. They work perfectly and are full of natural ingredients, and they also have amazingly specific products for almost every need. If you are looking for an organic, efficient and sofisticated brand, give this one a try!

I usually apply this with my fingers to all of my face after the cleanser and then wait a bit for it to dry.

•Breakout control blemish treatment facial lotion from Kiehl’s.

This is also a great new discovery. It was actually a recommendation I got at Kiehl’s for my specific skin type. I don’t have a lot of breakouts right now but I have had problems with acne during my high school years and my skin always tend to go back to that kind of problems when it’s stressed. Also I have very delicate and somewhat sensitive skin and I still have some marks (but not scars) of these past problems.

This Kiehl’s product is wonderful since it works in both the blemishes and the skin tone. It reduces the appearance of the marks and also prevents your skin from breaking out more. I’ve been using this for two weeks now and I must say it works as it promises!

I recommend to use it at night because of its peeling power (it has salicylic acid on it), which can leave your skin more unprotected and sun can be a bit damaging, like with all lightening or renewing treatments. In fact it is a night treatment! You should wear sun protection anyway on the mornings to make sure no harm is done to your skin! This brings us to the last product of the routine.

•Ultra light daily UV defense from Kiehl’s.

A good old favorite had to be added to this routine! The protection in this sun screen is as high as you can get and a little bit goes a long way.

I highly highly recommend using sun screen everyday, even in winter, since most of the skin problems you can get with age (dark spots, wrinkles, dull skin tone, tired appearance) are due to sun exposure, beside obviously some serious skin diseases, so you can never wear enough sunscreen.

I have a wide range of sun screens that I like to combine to achieve the desired finish and protection, for example you can use a matte finish cream with some color if you want to go for an everyday sunscreen or if you don’t want to wear make-up that day. If you are going to put on make-up anyhow, or if you don’t care about looking natural, you can use some powerful traditional sunscreen like that one from Kiehl’s!



So this is it!
I hope you have been able to find inspiration to start spring with a new skin care routine that brings out the best of your skin.
What is your spring skin care routine? Any skin goals for the summer?

Have a wonderful Friday and stay tuned for more!