The Sheer Overlay Dress

While the grunge comeback has some features that we have always enjoyed, like bands t-shirts, second hand Dr. Martens and leather jackets, there are other recent last minute trends that have us dazed and confused.

Just like in the T-Shirt under the Slip Dress trend, the sheer dress over a regular rocker outfit is a subject that inevitably calls our attention!

Probably you have reached your local favorite clothes looking for some autumnal inspiration and have encountered in the front mannequins something like this:

Just as we did in spring, overlaying sheer outfit with a bolder one seems to be the new way of not letting the seasons go by. If waving winter goodbye meant floral dresses over denim pants, the autumn trend is clear: sheer dresses over grunge outfits. Black is, as the mighty 90s rule the trends this season, the must wear color for this look, so if you are willing to give this a try, keep an eye on the queen of colors!


The black lacy beach dress you wore all August will perfectly do the trick to get this look, but every clothing brand at the mall have embraced the new season developing a few designs of these dresses for their fall line, less lacy, more sheer, with a back alley after the concert vibe. The best thing about this combination is, overlaying the dress over a basic outfit would almost mean that no accessories at all will be needed to make this look feel completed. Skinny jeans and a basic top, all black everything, will get you feeling just like Courtney Love the second you put the cherry (dress) on top!

Why this trend? The plain dresses play a strong role this season. In awe to the grunge culture, the wish of never growing up translates itself in the popularity of these plain, innocent dresses, that in one way or another get their way to our wardrobe no matter what. Almost naive, the contrast achieved when combined with a dark and mysterious, witchy look, is what makes this so special. The game of textures and finishes enables you to make a double impression.


Setting aside that the basic item for rocking out this look is the sheer black dress, you can go further with great variety of colors and effects of the dress fabric. As seen above (a personal favorite!), you can find almost anything, from pastels, to metallic looks, embroidered details and whatnot! If you want to think big and doing things the easiest way is not for you, ditch the black simple one and don’t hesitate to go searching the right one for you!

The possibilities of this trend are tremendous and the combinations infinite. If you are familiar with the 90s style, just dress yourself up as you would normally and then add the dress! It suits every body types and complexions, and the delicate but grungy vibe won’t leave people indifferent.

If there’s one trend I like this season, and that I’m definitely willing to try, is this one!

T-Shirt under Slipdress

Here come the 90s striking back in fashion!

We knew the grunge era would be the next decade to come back in its full intensity to fashion and beauty trends: chokers, dark lips, smudged eyeliner, pale faces with a sunken in look, pleaded shirts, and now, the latest incorporation which popularity has escalated dizzily since the autumn started: the basic t-shit under a slipdress! 

This look is almost inescapable since it can be seen pretty much in every shop front. Still doubting? Take a look at these!

It rang a bell right?
It’s true: aside from being a hot trend right now, it’s kind of eye catching, and particularly surprising how big an impact it has made considering its apparent oddity.
This trend hasn’t only been brought back from the 90s, when we could see Alicia Silverstone or Drew Barrymore rocking it, it has actually been taken further: the basic top under a dress has reached now the point of the wool jumper under the night dress. Quite disturbing, maybe, but in its right measure, as fashionable as anything!

What is the key to this look? Don’t over do it.

As much as the extreme version is what the clothing companies try to sell us, I think that the simpler version of the 90s is much more beautiful and suiting. Let’s see a comparison:

In my opinion, while the 90s look preserved the innocence of the youth, the new one seems a little too artificial.

Anyhow, it must be staten: fashion is to have fun with it, to express yourself and play with the possibilities, so, if you want to take this look to the extreme version, go for it! No one can tell you what to wear and this won’t be the case either! That was the fun part about the 90s too, everyone could look as they wanted and feel awesome about it, the rules in street fashion were less strict than now and people didn’t care about what others thought. That was the spirit of the grunge era and it should be the one of this one too! Didn’t have time to tame your mane? Who cares! Fancy those glitter scrunchies? Go for them! Ripped jeans? Show them off!

It is true than the fashion industry, this doesn’t seem to be the intention of the grunge trend: healthy looking people now struggle to look like a sleep deprived, under weighted and drug addict rock star. But this wasn’t the base of those years. It was that you could look messed up and still be good, while now it seems that you must look messed up or go home. This is a pity, but that would be another subject.

All in all, embrace trends as they come if you want to, no matter how you look, have fun, and find your style! And if you were wondering if the slip dress over a t-shirt was just a street fashion trend or not, I leave you with some runway images to solve your doubts!