Benefit’s Benetint

Benefit’s Benetint is one of those make-up products every beauty addict want to own no matter what. It’s not difficult to understand why it is one of our favorite products: just a few strokes of this cheek and lips tint are enough to get a suitable blush that will stay for hours right on its place.


While you get familiar with the product, let’s talk about its origins. In 1977, an exotic dancer went to visit Benefit co-founders, Jean and Jane Ford, in their shop in San Francisco with a special request: she needed a product that could give a rosy tint to her nipples and that could stay in place after a whole night of show after show. The sisters solution? The elaboration of a red tint made with rose blossoms in their own kitchen. It was so effective that it soon became a success and one of the top-seller and most loved Benefit products.

How to apply it? To achieve the perfect blush, just apply a few dots of the tint upon the cheeks, and quickly, blend them in with a blush brush or with your own fingers. Keep in mind that the tint tends to adhere quickly so don’t take long to do it. To achieve the perfect rosy put, gently paint your lips with the little brush that comes with the product and remember to distribute it evenly before waiting for it to dry. In both cases, the intensity of the color can be built with several layers of product till it reaches your desired point.