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The place where you can find everything you’ve been wanting to know!
From fashion to reviews, products, makeup, inspiration, articles, editorials and what not, you have now entered the place where the magic happens happen.
This is the website that started it all and where the ever growing and changing project of this dream develops!


In the blog the latest trends, launches and articles are shared for you to be in the first to know! Check your favorite products, events, styles, news, opinions, reviews and everything in between! Navigate through the posts and articles for inspiration and enjoy your trip!


The project of the shop is currently paused but the idea was to have a shop directly linked with Amazon, where you wouldn’t need to worry about the payments or shipping. The items that were reviewed in the blog would be featured in the shop page, but as soon as you decide what to buy you would be redirected to Amazon for your safety and comfort.
The pages associated with the shop are now saved in drafts waiting for the perfect moment to be relaunched, so stay tuned!

Social Media

This is probably where you found this place!
Instagram is the main platform where the dream unravels.
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